Introducing AuroGrep

Download AuroGrep v1.2 (July 8, 2022)

AuroGrep is a powerful text search and extraction software for PDF documents. It supports all the CJK (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) languages and vertical writing scripts.

Main Features:

  • Search regular expression or literal text for PDF documents by page ranges, annotation, outline and document information for opened documents or specified folders and files.
  • Show PDF text content, annotation, outline and document information.
  • Support horizontal or vertical single and multi-column PDF documents, such as e-books, newspaper and magazines.
  • Support all the CJK languages and vertical writing scripts.
  • Supports PDF spec v1.7.
  • Support UTF-8 string and annotation in PDF spec v2.0.
  • Support 16 types of annotation.
  • Support RC4 and AES encrypted PDF documents.
  • Support password match rules for encrypted PDF documents.
  • Organize the PDF Text with page folding and bookmarks.
  • Extract the text information to text file.
  • Use folder pane to quickly review all the PDF Documents in the folders.
  • Integration with Explorer’s context menu and “Open With” menu.
  • Parse the PDF document independently without needing to install other PDF software.
  • High search performance with C++ language implementation.