System Requirement

  • Windows 10/8.1/8
  • 19MB free disk space

What’s New

What’s New for AuroGrep.

Evaluate and Order a License

AuroGrep is a shareware. You can download, install and evaluate the full functions in 30 days.

You need to buy a license if you continue to use AuroGrep after the trial ends.

How to Order

Refund Policy

Benefits for Registered Users

  • Life time license to use the software.
  • Free upgrades for all maintenance releases.
  • The display of your name and email address in the About dialog.
  • Free technical support by email or through the mail.


Please select the corresponding 64-bit or 32-bit setup file based one your system.

  • AuroGrep v1.0 64-bit (5.5MB)
    • SHA256: 38203f6fa2e015c35984db0689064267b6d121a2632c0bd6b9d1b6b89fbe217e
  • AuroGrep v1.0 32-bit (5.4MB)
    • SHA256: 008fb66c7772904005573cacbb04e5c67410ba03de0eca892b131baa5ec186ea