How to Order

AuroGrep is a shareware. You can download, install and evaluate the full functions in 30 days.

You need to buy a license if you continue to use AuroGrep after the trial ends.

Step 1: Order

You can order AuroGrep by AuroGrep application -> “About” dialog -> “Buy Now” button, or “Help” menu -> “Buy Now” menu, or go to AuroGrep Shop web site directly.

Please make sure the user name and email address are accurate.
If you find there is a typo in your email address, please advise this by email to as soon as possible.

The payment service with your credit card is provided via Stripe.
Your credit card information will not be collected and stored in our web site.
Stripe will process all the online payment details.

Note: If you are an Australian resident, the order price will include 10% GST(Goods and Services Tax).

Step 2: Registration Code Email

After the order is received, we will send out the registration code and the invoice by email.

Step 3: Register

After received the registration code email, you can input the register code by AuroGrep application -> “Help” menu -> “Registration Code” menu.